Help! Bought a cockatiel and he isn't tamed

So, back story, We got baby from our local pet store ( Our first cockatiel) a month and a half ago. She is 6 months old and bonded to us almost immediately. She was obviously hand fed and use to humans because she is literally the SWEETEST baby every. Snuggles under my chin, lets me love on her, and lives to spend time with us. So flash forward to 3 days ago we were at our local pet supermarket and saw the cutest cockatiel and noticed he was hurt and got him. Long story short, they tried to clip his wings and did not know what they were doing and clipped the wrong feather and made him bleed. We couldn’t leave him there and ultimately bought him. We were expecting his behavior to be perfect like our first baby and its the exact opposite. He is terrified of us. He will go crazy if we put our hand near him. He is okay with our hand in the cage as long as it isn’t too close to him. He also will eat millet if we hold it outside of his cage but if we try it inside his cage he isn’t having it. Any tips on how to gain his trust and taming him? We are trying to not push him too hard because we are afraid he will become more afraid of us. Thanks for any replies and tips!!

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I have a cockatiel that came from a hoarding situation. Over 150 tiels in someone’s attic. She isn’t a huge fan of being held and will kinda try to run from us when she is in her cage. When she cant see her cage she is fine and will step up and stay on us. Maybe spend a little longer just holding millet and talking sweet to the new baby to get him used to you. Once you feel like he is ready get him out of the cage and away from it to work with him. I am sure it will take a little while to get used to surroundings and realize you are a good person.

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this gives me hope in my situation as well. I want to love on him so much but he does not trust me yet :frowning:

Just figure he was taken from what he knew and was put in a store. Then that was taken when you got him. Show him love and patience. You will get there.

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We literally rescued him from the pet store. He was bleeding where they clipped his wings (they didn’t know what they were doing). There is no telling what the Poor guy has been through. To top it all off, the pet store gave us a hatch certificate with the name Sun Pet Ltd on it. This made me even more sad because that company has been investigated multiple times for animal abuse.

Oh my goodness that is so sad. Thank you for saving him. It is so hard for me to walk into pet stores. People aren’t taught correct care for the animals that work there. When I do go and bring a bird I am surrounded by employees asking questions.

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I know right. I seriously didn’t want to get him because I don’t want to support the company and their efforts to just get a dollar out of a bird but I had to rescue him. I will keep you updated and also supply pictures. I just have to get him comfy and used to me first

I cant wait to see pics and hear progress.

@hope were you able to get a pic? :slight_smile:

This is our other sweet feathered baby :slight_smile:

@P3photos there you go! that is him. we have yet to name him

Oh my goodness he looks exactly like our chickpea! Going to a parrot seminar this weekend. Fingers crossed I dont bring home any more birds.

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