HELP! How to re-locate my Parrot from Ireland to Norway?

Does anyone know if any airline would take Parrot on board? Or Cargo is the only option?

I’m sorry if this post may be a bit short on info I’m on my phone writing but ill try my best… I think Norway has the same rules as Sweden regarding import of birds (there’s a whole bunch of country’s signed up to the same agreement and quarantine is limited among these animals, not sure if Norway is signed neither am I sure if Ireland is signed… Anyways if Norway is there is two possible outcomes from flying with your bird… The first and easy one is: you will have to book an avian certified vet to meet you at the customs of the airport your landing to do tests on your bird (this require the airport you land at to have an examination room) will cost you some for a veterinarians time and tests to be done.Second alternative if Norway is signed while Ireland is not… Is you will have to put your bird through 12weeks of quarantine, and unfortunately only place in Europe you can quarantine your bird is in Germany couse their the only ones having the facility’s for that, this means you fly with your bird to Germany and then you fly solo to Norway and then will get to fly back n forth to Germany again 12 weeks later. Third option if both country’s are signed (most European country’s are signed and some outside Europe) is to go by car, if you choose not to fly and stick to country’s that are co-operating there are no halts no extra costs except for the actual trip. Now however if you have cites listed birds it gets a little trickier unless you have all of the proper paperwork such as the cites certificate and you can also not have a bird with an open legband, it has to be identified by a closed legband…Now these things goes for bringing birds into Sweden… But as I said I’m not 100% sure if Norway is the same but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are.