Help - Leg Band Information

Hello,I’m new to the forum and my wife and I just adopted an Orange Wing Amazon named “Casey”. She is a great bird, but I would like to know her hatch date if possible. Her leg band number is “FMS 605” and I’m not sure where I can go to track down her age.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,John

Is there any thing else on the band? Is the band a solid band or not? Since there are no mandatory regulations about banding in the US it is very difficult to track down any of the information on a band. A solid band usually only proves that the bird was born here as there are only a few days when it can be put on the bird. A split band is much easier to trace as it is put there by immigration authorities.

Only information on the band is FMS 605 and it’s a split type band.

A split band may tell you where the bird entered the country and where it entered from. You would have to contact the dept. of agriculture or wildlife to try to track this information.

This is a wild-caught bird that came in through a privately owned commercial import station (not an USDA station) located in Miami, Florida prior 1992. The F is for Florida, the M is for Miami and the S 605 is the number assigned to that particular bird (the third letter, in this case, “S” could have meant the country of origin -which would not make sense in your bird- or it could have meant the importer -because these stations were privately owned, there was no consistent criteria for the engraving aside from the first two letters). I doubt you will be able to find any records for it because even the ones for the birds that came through the USDA stations have been discarded - the private ones have been closed since then so you wouldn’t even be able to identify the importer at this point in time. Best I can tell you is that this bird is, at least, 23 years old so, if I were you, I would have him to an avian vet asap for a super complete physical.

Thank you all for the help. I did take her to the avian vet just yesterday and had the band removed and had her chipped. Blood work and overall exam was conducted and she looks to be in good health.I’m still working on our bond, but so far she’s a great bird, but likes to try and fly off her cage and follow me around the house. Still don’t feel comfortable picking her up by hand and she tends to bite. She does take all the treats by hand and let’s me rub her head.Thanks again,John

Really not a big fan of clipping a birds wings as I fell that it is unhealthy and harmful for the bird.

I agree with you about clipping her wings, but Casey took flight early in the week at hit the window. I’m going to keep her clipped for a short time until she gets adjusted to her new environment and permanent home.Thanks,John

Well, if you think about it, that’s like saying that you are going to keep a baby in a high chair because he fell down while trying to walk. Clipping doesn’t allow for maneuvering practice, does it?

I added Casey into my home to give her a better life and in time we’ll help her get back to flying in the near future. We’ve only had her in our home for a couple of weeks, but she is really enjoying the freedom from the cage and all the veggies and fresh fruit she can eat.