Help me name my new budgie :)

i just recently got a new budgie and i need help thinking of a name. he is pure white (thought i should add that) any suggestions? thanks

I was once naming a pure white budgie, and I thought of Vanilla, Coconut, Snowflake.

i kinda like snowflake, its cute

sorry but my girlfriends budgie is named snowflake. but thanks for the help. let me know if you guys think of more names.

I think it is hard to do names without having a feeling for the personality. If you are just going for the white color you could stay with the snow theme: Frosty, Snowball, Snowman, Powder, Rosebud or you could go with Sandy, Dusty, Dust Bunny (I know someone with a cat named that), Whitey, Moonbeam, Luna, Silver, Sterling…

Hey there and congrats on your new birdie!Some ways of finding appropriate names:favorite author/actor/director/comic character/mythology, etcvarious things that fly or are in the sky (planets, plane/helicopter names, satellites, rockets, etc)personality-based (eg: my budgie is sooo cuddly I call him my cuddle bug, which leads me to think of Herbie the love bug so I could have named him Herbie)color-based (what in nature is white? what does the color remind you of?)you can look online at baby names Kodak, Jax, Hubble, Radar, Pearl, Sweetpea, Ollie? I like to list several names I like and then say them out loud several times to see if they are easy to say and if they sound like anything else or if I get bored with them. It usually takes me a couple of weeks to decide on a name. Good luck!

Casper (as in casper the friendly ghost… he is white ) this website has names with the meaning "white", maybe there is something in there, some are pretty original

Haha! I’ve got an albino budgie, too! I named mine Lychee after a fruit found, among other places, in South Africa which is where I come from. Cotton (ball) is another white one, and if you want to go tropical, Ke’oke’o means white in Hawaiian.

i like Casper! i used to have a white goat with that name of course he was "Casper the friendly goat"

Marnie wrote:i like Casper! i used to have a white goat with that name i know a while goat called billie jean!..wait…that completely off topic… i like casper!