Help me name my new parrot!

I’ve recently decided to add a male eclectus to our flock.I wish to have the same criteria as Michael, short, quick and easy to pronounce, as well as masculine, thanks!

how about Buck, manly enough? seriously tho, im terrible with names, used to have a cat named "the cat" in swedish tho, so "Katten" thats imagination for ya!

This should help:

Euclid! =DIt sorta sounds like Eclectus.You should have gotten a female one though, they’re so much prettier!

i know this doesn’t follow any of your criteria but: Cream Soda!

Just throwing some more out there.AvicennaArchimedes (Name of Merlin’s owl)Artemisia (my favorite artist)AmbroseAmbrosiaRemus / Romulus (founders of Rome)Cicero (pronounced See-sir-o, like sister-o, but without the “t”)SiroccoBermudaCalypsoMantis (MAN-tis, can’t get much more masculine than /that/ )VoltaireHemingwayUpdate:I just had a new idea: PONCE!