Helped moving some lovies

ok I’ve been bitten before but today was a great reminder as to what differences there are to beaksizes… I got bit by a macaw and an amazon last week when moving them and sure it did hurt but wasn’t that bad… today I was helping out moving a flock of lovies… and geeez it’s the first time in a long time where I felt I should have brought some gloves, their sharp little beaks get hold of your skin and it hurts… much rather have a beak over my whole finger getting that crushing sensation than these little skinripping making me bleed…Anyways just a reminder to me about beaksizes and to bring my gloves if I’m ever again moving an aviary of lovies…

My conure nips the hardest[I say nip because it doesnt break the skin] and shes the smallest .Is Gilah getting any better?

my lorikeet bites people he doesnt like but he grabs and moves his beak left and right

Gila is slowly progressing, as of right now were trying to work on her climbing some more, now she is currently forced to make a minor climb in order to reach her food… She still on the painmeds though but she has recently start moving her wings as well so I think the meds releive her of some pain and makes her progression curb move alot nicer. but it is baby steps and each and every day I am pissed off at the guy who kept her prior to me and kind of wish I was lawless and could just go visit him with a bat or a crowbar or something… But hey hopefully she will recover from his ignorance, and hopefully our 1-3 hour sessions of stretching/training etcetera will help her on the way (the times varies depending on how much she wishes to stay on my belly or how much she resists as were stretching her little feet…)

Glad to here of Gila’s progress. She is so lucky to have you.You are right about Lovies. Rambo and Myrtle are both scared of Tweetle Dee . Myrtle is trying to make friends but keeps a safe distance from the bars.We need a Blue Front picture.

Never fails—little beaks scare me more than Jacko’s beak any day, any time. Jacko will put pressure or chew—but she doesn’t gnaw off my cuticles or use her beak tip like a scalpel. The bird I was most afraid of getting nailed by was a linneolated parakeet who had some serious food agression—but my grandmother’s bull-charging pair of bonded lovies was a close second!

yup I agree the little ones pack more of a punch. once got bitten by a territorial blue and gold at a friends house and it felt like a dull deep pain spread over a large surface. but my own 's bites hurt far more, and the pain is concetrated. because once Ringo bites he doesn’t let go - he holds on with his razor sharp beak an gnaws until I have to pry his (cute) little beak off, and pretty much say goodbye to the little piece of flesh he’s removed. luckily the skin grows back –

LOL i have a lovie she never bites me she does nips on my finger, but she does bite other people lol she is bonded to me, only once she bit me and then she put her head down like saying i’m sorry it wasnt my intention.

I don’t really have a trouble with small beaks per say but when your moving a flock of untamed lovies out of one aviary to move them into one that is supervised (to see flock dynamics and wich ones should be going together etcetera) for rehoming… well lets just say I’ll bring a glove next time… been moving untamed macaws and amazons before but them you can grab around the neck and they can’t reach ya,… these small ones figured out a way to get to the skin anyways…Anyways this post wasn’t ment to be in any seriouse tone and I dont take it too harsh to be bitten… happens every now and then, never really at home (except for Gila who sometimes will feel my fingers a bit too hard, but has never broken the skin). But I’ve started to try and help out bringing in neglected birds etcetera whenever there is room here or at a friends house (Ican’t have too many here since the gueshouse has quite limited space (and the quarantine is preferebly located at a second building…) Gila was one of these who I kind of brought in in a hurry to get to a vet etcetera but she’s been here quite some time and will probably get to stay here for the rest of her duration, even if when i took her in I wasn’t really looking for a bird but found a bird in need and hadn’t even decided weather or not she would stay here or go to another loving home once checked by a vet etcetera… but with all her problems I didn’t really want to trust anyone else to do whatever can be done to get her back on track and was pretty much set on her living here from the day after I picked her up…atm I have a budgie in my guesthouse… shes gonna get to move on to someone who has another single budgie though, but while being here I’m hoping to manage to clicker condition and targettrain her, shes getting the hang of it but definitly not 100% on target… but she’ll get there either with me or her new home… Can’t save em all but I’m gonna try help the ones my time allows me to.