Hi - new to forum

My Myers Parrot (poicephalus, I just learned that) Coco is 24 yrs old, I’ve had her since a baby. We have always been very close, but we’ve had a few rough years, with moving and some inconsistencies in spending time together. I think some where in there I’ve messed up our trust. She doesn’t greet me as happily as she used to and doesn’t come to my hand to be picked up as much. She still wants scratches and pets. I don’t let her out as much because it’s a hazard at our new place and I’m afraid she’ll get hurt. I have a new cage for her fir outside but it’s been so hot here and there are lots of cats in this neighborhood I worry. So she’s inside all the time.:pensive:aargh!

Hi there! Welcome to the forum!
Well birds do have trust issues but you can totally win him back :orange_heart:
Try to give him more quality time with recall training for example and let him play maybe in a small room or big bathroom?
I always take my parrot when I shower and he justs stays near singing :wink:

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