Hilarious Yellow Naped Amazon -- What a Character!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrclAOnl … ideo_titleThis guy is so unique. I stumbled across him and found him so hilarious with that song. Now I’ll always remember that crucifiction scene at the end of the film…

Go to www.YouTube.com and key in "Boozle singing in the shower".


OY I love these birds!! I have seen a 3 month old yellow naped amazon in the store and I already then fell in love… you guys just made it ten times worse!!!Boozle is hilarious, just watched all of her videos.

You can key in "Amazon parrots" to get Lollipop and Audie Murphey. If you want to watch dancers - there is a "Michael Jackson Parrot". Also try "Frostie" and "Snowball".Snowball was given to a shelter because he bites. The shelter found his talent and he is now making comercials.

nice video! yellow naped amazons are probably in my top 10 list of favorite parrots!

You just can’t beat yellow napes for personality and talking. They’re pure showmen.

Hey - I can beat it will a Double Yellow Head . My Blue Front doesn’t do that much but her La La, Tickle Tickle and Peak a Boo melt my heart. If that doesn’t get it - picture her hanging upside down by one foot as she says it.

www.YouTube.comDewars (Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot) sings a few melodiesThe funniest part is when he says “Come on Stewart - sing”. Then he starts putting Stewart’s name in the songs.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrclAOnlWX8The Boozle one in the shower is lovely and very typical of the yellow nape character. That’s a laugh. They do love to pose and enjoy their bath just about as much, or more, than any other species. They love a good talk while having a bath. I think it’s all a part of their fantastic personality.That other guy has ruined a good bird (Dewars) by teaching it childish nursery rhyme parts. It’s quite an old bird now and they never forget what they learn. And in the video he’s still encouraging it to say childish things. There seems to be an urge, especially among first time owners, to teach a bird the first thing that comes into their head, which they later regret (when it’s all too late). I think it’s in order to get to the “eureka moment” as quickly as possible, where they can say to people, “Look. My parrot can talk.” This is most obvious with idiots who teach their birds to curse. I don’t think there’s anything clever about either. But this guy is still bang at it with an old bird. Such a pity, really. There’s a lot of more entertaining things you can teach a great species like the yellow nape. And he’s a good quality talker, so would have been a start turn if taught more worthwhile things.Hopefully the Monty Python one’s owner can keep teaching him those unique songs and phrases. It’s very refreshing to see this in a bird, rather than the silly, common things most people put into them. Great to see this species generating some more excellent performing examples. They really do take parrots to another level.

What I liked about Dewar was that the bird told Stewart to sing. When Stewart didn’t sing he started adding the name Stewart to the songs.