Home made aviaries?

Looking for some creative and safely constructed home made aviaries. I have a M2 and have planned one out using pvc, hex fencing and netting. It will not be a permanent one because I live in New England. Curious if anyone has made their own and if you could share a picture?


I am planning on building my first aviary this spring. After talking to a friend that has built a few this is what I am going to use. Stainless so it can stay out all year round. 1 x 1/2 inch to keep raccoons and other animals from getting into them. I will make panels with a metal frame and screw them together. I am building something that will last a long time (I dont want to have to do it over and over). I live in ohio so I know i can’t use it all year. I bought a natural inspirations parrot cages meduim walk in for my office so even if they can’t be outside until I get my first aviary built this way they will still have room to roam while I work.

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