Homeowner's insurance coverage

Does anyone know if Homeowner’s insurance covers theft of pets in this case parrots. Can’t find anything in the policy on it other than liability coverage if your dog bites someone.

I would check your Homeowner’s policy wordings. If you don’t have them (generally they send them with new business packages), then just request a copy from your broker/agent. if you have a nice broker/agent, they may either a) know whether or not your insurer covers this type of loss, or b) call their underwriter to determine if it’s covered - somebody should know, or be able to find out (without actually filing a claim).Different companies have different terms and conditions.With ours if any of the Named Perils (i.e. fire, theft (with a police report), falling object, etc.) covers $1000 total for pets - that wouldn’t even come close to covering what we would need monetary wise to replace our feathered and furry family members (let alone the devastation if we lost them!).I do know for theft, however, you have 72 hours to file a police report if you’re going to claim.I hope you can find out your answers soon.

That’s an interesting question. I agree with contacting your agent and/or reading your contract carefully. In general, though, “special” items require additional coverage and I would guess an expensive exotic parrot would fall into that category.