Hope for Humanity!

A little bit of hope in a nearly hopeless world

Ahh that is so cute its nice to see kindness and love like that

That is so sweet, I love how it fly’s =D

Even the tiniest birds can develop bonds with people

That video blew my mind. Totally right re: the hope for humanity, that’s an amazing thing that guy did.

Even the music is inspirational

UGH! People disgust me…Hi, Unfortunately my brother has decided to move in with me and I can no longer keep my pet parrot JC due to his allergies. He is a great looking parrot that is just a joy to be around. I adopted him about 3 years ago and he has been close to my heart ever since. He knows a lot of cool phrases and can be taught to say almost anything, but nothing dirty since he is a good Christian bird. He is a regular at my church and he loves prayer time. Price is not the biggest concern to me. I am open to offers of all price ranges and trades. My main concern is that he ends up in a good, heterosexual environment. Please call with offers! The picture below with JC on my shoulder is one of my favorite, I’m going to miss him.I was doing my daily checks on Kijiji (night time ritual, I’m a dork I know), and I stumbled upon this ad. The guy is re-homing his . " My main concern is that he ends up in a good, heterosexual environment", like seriously? SERIOUSLY? Making sure your parrot ends up in a straight home is more important than finding a parrot savy home? Anyways, I don’t want to start a debate or anything, I’m just a bit ticked off.

Are you sure that isn’t about the other parrots around? I read that as in he doesn’t want it to be with another macaw of the same sex.

Well apparently I wasn’t the only one distraught from the ad. I checked this morning and the add had been removed.