Hormones or Settling In?

My lovely little Green Cheek Conure has turned into a monster. He lunges for my lips and chin. He tries to take chunks out of any piece of skin he can reach. He wants to cuddle all day, but will bite at the drop of the hat… sometimes for no reason at all. He also screams for hours at a time. Is this normal hormonal behavior or is this the behavior of a bird that’s now comfortable in his home? I emailed the rescue I got him from and they said he’d never gone through this behavior in their care before, but that they hadn’t had him during the spring. His foster mom said he rarely bit and hardly ever screamed. Part of me hopes this is just normal hormonal behavior; I’d rather hate to think that a bird I adore hates me. But I also don’t really know what hormonal behavior looks like. My budgies haven’t exhibited any signs of it, or if they have, I’ve missed them. If this is hormones, how do you deal with it without throwing yourself out of a window?

Its hormones. All brids react differently, but many of them tend to be very trigger happy during this period. And the younger they are, the more rammy they are. We have some birds at the rescue who normally don’t make a sound or even move much who are completely vocal and rambunctious during hormone periods. And it goes in waves depending on if you have other birds around or not (kind of like when you get with a goup of women and their cycles start synching…)If your bird is very agressive, avoid handling them during this time. You can still be attentive, talk to them while they are in their cage, give them treats, let them know you care, but don’t take them out. Try the tea thing as well. The change is usually pretty quick and evident. You will know when its time to go back to the normal routine.Also realize that this is something that only lasts a few weeks, so don’t fret.

If he bites, he goes back in the cage. He also seems to avoid lunging for my lips/neck/face if I have a green blanket near me. I’m glad to hear this only lasts for a few weeks, though. I may have to get earplugs for the duration of it.

yeah, we opened our windows for the first time on Sunday since it was 70 degrees and not snowing as it has been for the last 7 months and they have been screaming non-stop. Even Arthur, my Jardines who rarely screams was making my ears bleed. Its a spring thing. This too shall pass.

Cheney Bird has a habit of screaming in my ear when I pick him up now. It’s always his really high pitched scream, too. Makes my ears ring for a good twenty minutes. Even putting him to sleep at 8:00 and waking him up at 9:00 is doing no good. He just knows he needs a girlfriend and there’s no one here for him, so it’s time to drive mama nuts.

Thats pretty much the long and short of it.

I’m also starting to think he is actually a she. (S)he is backing onto things and raising his/her tail feathers to them instead of trying to “mount” them like a male bird would do.

Quite possible. You can have the vet do a DNA test to find out.

Oh yeah, I know. It doesn’t really matter whether (s)he is a boy or girl, though. I’d love the little brat all the same.

They are our owners after all