Housing, Connecticut

Hi, It’s me, Dana. And, I currently live in Hartford, C.T.With, literally, the loves of my life. My poicephalus parrots. 1st, why they are the love of my life? Well, they gave me a purpose. I was able to increase their quality of life from the severe neglect they came from. Which, I understand. Therefore, my promise to them, means all the more to me. Our little relationship bond of trust and purity, is and has been fun. And, they connect me to nature. Well, in turn, I’m running very low on hope, to be able to provide better housing for them. I kinda lack supports, suffered some severe all time lows in life, with some people personal losses. I’m trying to get back in the game and spirits, however. But, my resources aren’t kicking in. I mean, I’m a 42 yr. Old woman. Healthy… Quiet. I’m just wondering if there’s anyone in this area. Either Connecticut, or even, I’d love to move to Rhode island and be close to the rescue there. Where I could even volunteer maybe. I’m in need of secure housing. With people whom understand the special and high needs of parrots. That don’t have other animals. Maybe we could rent a house together??? If you are all alone with your parrot, in need of quiet and reliable support too??? I think what I’m looking for is being relayed well enough. I have asked the president of the c.t. parrot society, but they know of no one. Please, I’m not asking for all kinds of advice or judgements. I’d really only like serious and interested and committed people with the same need, to respond, please. Thank you

I’m not quite sure what you are asking? Are you looking for a roommate to split rent with or someone to rehome your parrots to?

I think she is in need of housing that would be good for parrots, shared with somebody who also has parrots and who can offer her emotional support, maybe? Unfortunately, I cannot help… I am in Northern Jersey and I am not moving anywhere until I move back home for good in a few years. You should try CL - but be VERY VERY VERY careful! Lots and lots of bad people in America nowadays…

Dana, run an add in the area you are looking for. I am sure there are others in that area who are in need of the same thing.