How about setting up an online chat system

Self explanitory …but to increase socialisation amongst members?

WOW, that is a great idea. Then when anyone is online we could instantly get answers or information to find what may help whatever is needed!

I’ve already considered this in the past and decided not to. First of all we have members from different timezones and not all on at the same time. Secondly, by posting on the forum, it creates an archive that not only others can participate in but also refer back to forever. The things we discuss on the forum should not require immediate response anyway and if they do, most likely a vet should be consulted and not other members. Unless presented with a compelling purpose for a chat feature, I intend to keep things as they are.

I’ve been on forums where a chat feature had been enabled and once the novelty wore off…it wasn’t really being used.

it would be a good idea, but I doubt that ppl would hardly ever go on it

chat forums are mostly just to talk about daily life and little things.They’re often not used for the purpose of giving help right away.Besides that i think Michael is right, it is better to get an archive so everyone can see the answer and other people are helped aswell.i could allmost never chat with most people, because when you post, it is in the middle of the night around here and vice may look like a great idea and ofcourse it would be nice to chat with someone instantly, but hey, dont we all have hotmail or something for that?