How can I keep my bird warm?

My room has been getting quite cold the past few days. he has been quite cold and I’ve been trying to think of ways to keep him warm. I was going to give him one of those really soft blankets to cover up in but he is still terrified of anything resembling a blanket or towel. I’m going to go get a ceramic heat lamp soon, But in the meantime how can I help him stay warm? He has been snuggled in my hand and that helps a lot. How do you keep your birds warm?

They all like cardboard boxes. If you find a small one that he can get in it would be like putting on a jacket and hold his body heat in.

My birdrooms are heated, just like the rest of the house. If you don’t have any heat in your room, you need to get a space heater because although you can expose parrots to a bit of cold, you can’t keep them cold day after day. Their bodies are not meant for it. I keep a couple of electrical space heaters in case something happens to the boiler and I use one of them in the canary room when it gets real cold in the winter. They are the kind that look like a radiator and are filled with oil. I’ve been using this kind since I saw them in the dog and cat rescue I used to work at and they are very safe and economical. In the meantime, get yourself a heating pad (the kind that doesn’t turn off after a couple of hours), put it at the bottom of the cage and cover the cage with some kind of material in all sides but one (so the heat stays in). I don’t like lamps because you need to put them on the side of the cage so the heat is not evenly distributed throughout the entire cage.

One of those oil filled radiator space heaters are great for warming up the room. The older models can take a while to get set right but they are probably the safest heater on the market and they don’t cost an arm and leg either.I would also buy a wall hanging thermometer so you can see the temperature as you really don’t want it much below 65 deg. F., at least that is the coldest that I let my rooms get.

Myrtle was so afraid of cages that she would not got to a sleeping cage. When the sunroom got cold at night all I could think of was put a peak hole in a paper bag and put it over her. She liked her paper bag and went back to it every night for a couple months.

I agree on oil filled electric radiator. I use those by my birds’ cages when it is cold. Most of them have thermostat control (not very accurate but still helps). They draw a lot of energy but it helps you safely provide heat in a certain area or room.