How do YOU deal with parrot dust?

This question is for those of you who have dusty birds ('tiels, cocktaoos, greys, etc). I don’t have one myself, and I probably won’t because I have allergies. Does anyone here have a dusty bird AND allergies? How do you handle the dust?

This is why I don’t have a dusty bird. It caused me HUGE allergy issues when I was a kid. But my mom used baby wipes constantly on and around the cage. She also had the cage in an area of the house with no carpet and wiped down the area daily. This helped me a lot, but it can be a lot of work for sure. At the most, she had two cockatiels at a time. For my bird, I still do the same things but use sheets around the cage to catch thrown food. Lol I know I don’t have a dusty bird, but a general wipe down of the surfaces of the cage really help a lot I think. At least it just keep things clean anyway. It does not take much. A wet rag once a day means little to scrub later!

i’ve always hated carpets so my house has none but i sweep between 3-5 times a day and keep a damp mop on hand.

I think hoovering around the areas of the cage once per day and cleaning the cage fully once per week and a quick cage clean once per day definitely helps. Also having them outside sometimes helps because they bath outside and get rid of the excess keratin before they come inside.

viewtopic.php?f=7&t=8947&p=60975&hilit=allergy#p60975Is it just the dust making you sneeze or are you genuinely allergic? Check out the link above fow what others have put, its just that medications wont help if its not an allergy. Some people do seem more sensitive to just dust than others though making them think they are allergic.

Well,I wipe down the cage and change the papers once a day. Jacko gets a shower about once a week/twice a week (more than this can dry out their skin and make more dust btw)Run a hepa purifier near the cage (vaccuum the filter weekly)Sweep dailyOpen windows to air things out when I canMop and dust the room weekly.

I CAN’T deal with it. I have allergies, and dusty birds make me really sick.

I knew what I was getting into when I adopted a CAG, I know they are dusty, but then again my Sennie was also dusty.It sounds excessive, but I spend about an hour and a half cleaning up every night (I have hard wood floors and I wipe them down with disposable, multi-purpose wipes). I wash her dishes every day, change papers every day, wash the bottom cage with soap and water daily. I plan to scrub the cage itself once a week.I have read that using aloe vera juice helps with dusty birds. Chance has bathed with me twice in the shower – first time went okay, second time she didn’t want to. She also has bathed in her water dish. I have yet to spray her with a bottle.We DO plan on getting an air purifier.

I have asthma but I am not allergic to birds dander.

Pajarita wrote:I have asthma but I am not allergic to birds dander.Yeah I’m not sure if I am allergic to bird danger specifically but I do have an allergy to dust. In any event, my Senegal never really bothered me and I only feel very SLIGHTLY bothered by my Grey’s dust.HOWEVER I JUST got a Honeywell purifier – thanks to you! – and this should nip any dust issue!