How do you post your pictures?

I took another picture of our young Half Moon’d like to put it on the pictures section but I don’t know how. I am thinking maybe his name should be Monte, although my husband likes Henri. Still he is unnamed.

If you just highlight the URL (the http etc string) and click on the Img button above it should put image tags on the picture and it will display inline with your message. I got yours by right-clicking on the image and selecting "Copy Link Location" on a mac. It will look like this while you are editing it:Code: Select all[img][/img]And will display like this:

I tried and all it did was post the link I highlighted. I have a mac but no right or left click, type mouse.Feeling computer illiterate I had my husband try, he finally gave up after only being able to post the link as well. I couldn’t find any IMG button over the url of the picture. I think I’ll try again.

I did finally get it to post a picture from my blog but it posted a large thin piece of the picture so I shrunk the picture and posted it to flicker so I could have a URL and a small pic. BUt then it only posted a tiny blue square with a question mark inside. I am a little frustrated, although Disney is having fun picking at my bra strap and playing in my hair.

The IMG button is above the edit box when you are typing in your post. All it does is put tags around the address.Say your address is To make that image display, you would type in (or cut and paste, or use the img button, or whatever) the text: [ img ] [ /img ] without the spaces inside the [ ]s.

Photobucket is a very easy way to use and post pics on forums. It’ll do the coding for ya and you can resize and crop and enhance in a snap ^^Here’s an example: I just signed in, uploaded this photo of Chance taken with my smartphone, resized it, and voila!