How does your 'tiel eat?

		Does your 'tiel use a foot to eat.

				1. Yes I have one 'tiel who does
				2. Yes, I have had more than one who does
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				3. Sometimes
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				4. No my 'tiel never does
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				Total votes : 2

I saw on another post that one of the other members has a 'tiel that likes to eat with his foot.Until that post I thought Harlie was a little bit unusual because none of my other 'tiels ever held their food in their foot to eat, nor have I ever seen any of the 'tiels I’ve worked with do it and theres been at least 30 birds there.So how does you 'tiel eat? You may include cockatiels you have owned in the past in your vote.For option 3, please base your answer on the same food. For instance if your cockatiel eats sunflower seeds with his/her foot every time then select one of the top 2 options. If your 'tiel only eats sunflowers with his/her foot some of the time select option 3.

That was my post :pYeah Edmund is the only tiel we’ve had that eats out of his foot like a too’. He picks up fruit, veggies, millet sprays and pellet berries and holds them in his foot while eating. He has even started to take things out my hand with his foot now… quite an agile little tiel. We’ve never intentionally trained him to do that either :-/Be really interesting to hear responses.

Only thing I can think of is that Harlie copied Ollie but tbh I’m not sure if she was doing it before we got Ollie. None of my other 'tiels, budgie or rosella copied George but the 'tiels were in the room with their own kind and the budgie was in a room with the 'tiels first. Was your 'tiel around other parrots at any point?

Nope only other tiels…

Surely there are other 'tiel owners on here?

I’ve never seen a weiro do that I didn’t think they could

If I can get a picture ill upload it!