How i trained my parrot?

Not all parrots talk and some species talk more than others, what species is your parrot?

I’m no expert but it sounds if he/she picked up on their own

Ah, you have an Indian Ringneck, yes, some of them are good talkers but, even if yours is not, it doesn’t matter because he can still let you know what he wants.

talking is not one of my main focuses right now. i put training social skills first, after health and well being of course. however, talking comes naturally to my umbrella cockatoo. we don’t even try to teach her. some birds are interested in our verbal actions, and some remain apathetic to our speech.

My Corsair speaks only a few words, but all I did was talk to her and make a REALLY big deal when she said something that sounded like a word. I’m not sure that anyone has done anything else that works better. They say what they want to, if they want to. But if it doesn’t get attention, they probably won’t bother.