How low of temps?

Hi everyone I was wondering on how low of temps can a parakeet go for and be okay with? I have been reading and alot of pepole say 60 is the lowest.

It depends. If the bird is used to being indoors all its life and you take it out in really cold weather, that’s bad. If it’s an aviary bird that spends all its life outdoors, it can even manage into the low 40s. Use your common sense. A good rule of thumb is if you can go out in short sleeves/shorts, then it’s ok for bird.

Okay thanks so much for your help on this because I am really hoping to get a parakeet today but if not then next month for sure!.

I agree with Michael, it depends what your bird is used to and if you can go out in a T-Shirt and shorts, your bird will probably be alright. For my birds, I judge by their body language and the temperature of their feet to see how they feel. If a bird’s cold, it’s feet will be. When my cockatoo is hot, his feet become very hot as well. My cockatiel gets very dramatic when she’s cold, too: she puffs up and even shivers a little. Then again, she shivers of excitement and everything else, too.