How much time do your birds spend out of the cage?

Since I have a few birds ill talk about them all separately, My Cockatiels and Plum head are out of the cage basically 24 hours and get settled for bed soon after sundown and they usually wake up when the room is very bright, Physical interaction with them isn’t much because they are independent and very active all the time Eating, Playing, Foraging and Flying and on warmer days they spend a lot of time outside harnessed.Oscar my BFA comes out of the cage in the morning and spends a lot of time playing on his boing or his play stand and theres also a lot of Physical interaction and bonding.He goes to bed earlier than the others and will wake up with the sun. Not really worth mentioning but its kinda funny, Our new family member a Baby Kakariki is always in his brooder sleeping or when he is awake he is foraging and exploring and getting used to perching and the only physical interaction he has with me right now is feeding but I will start handling him more when he is older but for now I just want him to relax.

Mine are always out. Other than feeding and when I go sit on the floor they are just flocked. They seem to be happy that way. I have a screen door on that room and sometimes I am called. I do go spend time with them when I am called.Rainbow and Myrtle are always out except that Rainbow puts herself in a “nite nite” cage. Myrtle will not go in a cage on her own if it has a door. I had to cage them to bring them here. Charles has a killer weener hound that I do not trust. To let them out I put them in the bathroom. I have given them toys and stuff but they are doing a really good job of turning the room into tooth picks.I need to come up with a temporary way to let them out the window into a cage for enrichment. They have to be able to go out on their own and when they want. I spend a lot of time playing with Myrtle but Rainbow found his way in a cabinet so I gave him a cardboard box. He spends a lot of time chewing and sitting in the box.I won’t put them through any more confinement than that.

I see a lot of Amazons like to play in boxes

I normally get up in the morning and open up the cage first thing before I do my own morning routine during wich time the sun normally comes out and Julia wakes up comes out to the kitchen, then i go serve her breakfast and she normally goes back into the cage to eat and then hang out around it for a while playing with toys and whatnot, and then during the rest of the day its mostly going back and forth between the cage playing or my chair (Have the cage in my office) whenever i need to step out I normally put her back into the cage (since I am currently in a rented house so trying to keep damages to the property to a minimum) or let her tag along if I’m going somewhere she’s welcome.Still trying to get the night night routine down, but normally when the sun is startingto set she will perch ontop of her cage at wich point i go pick her up and put her inside and she goes to the night perch and goes to sleep. So more or less as long as I’m around she’s out of the cage. well, the cage is open so she is free to go in and out as she pleases, but she does spend a surprising amount of time in it playing around.

Mine will never play in their cage unless they were put there if I was cleaning their room or something.

think it might depend what the cage serves as a purpouse and to be completely honest these past 9 months since I moved to this house is the first time ever she’s had a “normal” cage. She has always had floor to roof aviary type cages before but I live smaller now and couldnt really construct anything bigger than putting two “double-macaw” cages together, so it created a square out of two rectangular cages… but she adapted the new cage setup as a new playstand more or less, I mean there isnt much difference, something to climb around on and have toys on the inside and outside.But i bet it would be different if she was in it and only got out for our time to interact, where getting out of the cage is a reward. I try my best to have it open when she wakes up and to not close it until she is ready to go to sleep and most of the times she gets into the cage when I need to put her in it during the daytime she will find a nice treat in one of the bowls, or ill hang a new toy or something at the same time i put her in.I mean there are occations where I cant have her out all the time, and she actually seemms quite content with being in the cage those times, I have one of these occations coming up next week when I’m going back to sweden to visit family when I have a friend here babysitting her, wich means she will have to do on her own while my friend is at work.But she is alright with my friend and my friend normally, with some coaxing, manages to get her back into the cage alright. on one occation she didnt and then she just stayed in my office half the night until Julia went to her sleeping perch inside. But yeah still makes me nervous tho, leaving her in someone elses care… but stocked up with almost 100 toys in prepartion for my 6 days away haha. So hopefully she is fully occypied shredding toys and ill be back sooner than she realizes. But yeah to me its kind of important that she likes her cage/aviary depending what she currently has, and i think part of it is that most of the time shes only ever really had to be in one out of free will (the cages has way more toys and treats etcetera than the rest of the house does).

Mine comes out after breakfast and goes back in her cage just after dusk when she is ready. The only exception is if I have to go out for an hour then she has to wait until I’m home.

Rainbow used to use his cage for his food and to keep his treasures. With the two I feed them on top of the cage. It used to be a play patio until Myrtle could fly.The Cockatiels use their cage to play in or sleep in. The scared ones will go in and call me to the cage using it as a protection to talk to me. They have no fear of me while the cage wire is between us.