How quiet is your GCC?

I have read tons of info before I got my GCC, and most all of them mentioned the fact that they are probably the quietest of all the Conures. So just how quiet is yours? Maxx came to me as a 11 week old hand tame, hand raised GCC. I got the pick of 7 GCC’s and Maxx basically came to me, and wouldn’t leave. He has never once bit me, and has never failed to step-up when asked. Can he be a brat, he sure can, but being he is so young I can overlook many things.Now when it comes to noise, I have been totally amazed. Except for a few times where he has totally lost it, Maxx is not noisy at all. If he sees me going into the kitchen and he is not along for a ride he will do a quick Squawk, Squawk-Squawk, Squawk. and that is it. When I first started taking him outside, and I had to leave for work he did lose it and squawk for 15 minutes or so, my other half ignored him, and he has since stopped that. The only other time he lost it was when a dump truck came down the alley and he went nuts for again 15 minutes then stopped. Maxx’s cage is full of toys, he loves to play, and I love to give him things that encourage play. He has toys he can work to get treats, toys to play on, his swing, toys made of wood and paper for him to destroy, a boing he can climb up and down on, and foot toys he can throw around and make noise. He enjoys his cage and likes to be in it. Given that he has LOTS of time with me and a place he feels comfortable in, I think leads to his not being a very loud bird. Is this common, How are your GCC’s?

My GCC "Ollie" is very quiet. In fact the only times that he really makes any noise is once in awhile if my sun is making noise, Ollie will join in. But be fore we got the sun, Ollie basically on ly did minor chirping and the famous GCC grunt, "sounds like a duck quacking". Ollie is about 22 months old and can say "I love you" and "hello". He is a very smart bird, but is not noisy at all and is an overall joy to have around.