How to bring Chubby around with me?

I’ve been very unsuccessful with harness training Chubby. I got one of those flight suits for him with a lanyard but he refuses to go near it, even with coaxing with treats. He is a very stubborn and opinionated little guy! In the summer I bring him outside with me in the backyard, he has another small cage that is small enough to carry outside, but too big to carry around to stores, friends houses, etc. I would like to expand his world; bring him on errands with me, or for a walk down the street, etc. However, I can’t figure out how to do it if I can’t harness train him. Are there small bird carriers that would look nice that he would be comfortable in and could see out of? Are there any sure ways to flight suit train him, or any alternatives to flight suits?Thanks!

Well you’ve pretty much nailed it. Your only options are to train the bird or find a better carrier. Enough said. If a petite aviator harness is small enough for your bird, I’d definitely recommend swapping to that over a “flight suit.”

Well, you could order from and get a birdie carrier, lol