How to build a parrot perch

Hello everybody, I’m interested in a perch for a, um, new parrot that i’ve visited, a CAG , and i’d really love to have a parrot perch. I’d buy one of Michael’s perches, but I don’t live in the U.S.,I actually live in Colombia, and i can’t seem to find a place where they sell parrot perches, so i’d like to build a pair of them for flighted and non-flighted tricks.Thanks

I have shipped them abroad many times. There is a $70 international shipping premium so $219.99 USD. It’s a bit much but you won’t find anything like it and when you really get into the cost of building it, you won’t end up saving that much. If you’re interested, just send a request via contact form. If your country charges local import taxes, duties, or VAT, that is not covered cause I don’t know the rules for each individual country. Otherwise, you can use the backs of two chairs. There is a perch you can make out of PVC pipe but it looks horrendous and isn’t that stable (especially for flight and bigger parrots). Here are free directions for how to make it yourself. Good luck.

Yeah, that perch looks really horrible, i think i’m going to experiment a bit with Pvc and wood, and see what will come out.Thanks

Does anyone now of what type of wood broom sticks are? I think i might make a bird stand with that.

I made the PVC perch with the help of a friend and it works fine for an irn.