How to introduce my conures

So i got my sun conure this morning. She is the sweetest thing ever. She says mama. She loves to be stroked. and loves to have her beak rubbed. Shell just sit on your finger and making purring sounds…i broung her home and my jenday conure went beserk he was screaching and rubbing his mouth against the age and for the first time ever!!! he ran to his water dish and did a FULL bathing…he bathed himself for at least 15 mins. He normally hates water!! he is soo interested in her but i dont know how to introduce them. there only 2 months apart but theyve been talking to each other on and off since we got home.

He really wants to meet her

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Are you going to quarantine Gabby? They say you should for 4 weeks. I did my gcc for 2 weeks but as it is, he doesnt really want to go "play" with the other birdies (budgies, tiel), more of a look, dont touch, kinda boy. The 3 cages are now all side-by-side tho

Do i need too? I found out that they both came from the same pet store. Ive had my Conure for lil over a week now and the lady had her conure for 4 days before that they were both at the pet store

You should though. I wouldn’t want to risk losing all of my birds just because I didn’t wait to introduce them.Papaya-

I have them in seperate rooms. He isnt verry happy with me lol. There talking to eachother across the condo lol. she is in the living room and he is the masterbedroom but there having full convos lol.

Their conversation in great. Is there any way you can seperate them but they can still see each other. your two little kids will be best buds.

Curious, why did the lady rehome her Sun Conure after only 4 days…?

fyi breeders will breed both those species and have a Sunday conure!! true story

GlassOnion wrote:Curious, why did the lady rehome her Sun Conure after only 4 days…?She found out she was pregnant and suddenly having a bird was "Too much to handle".