How to keep parrots off the Christmas Tree

How to keep parrots off the Christmas Tree? Give them a tree of their own!

Then they will have two trees. LOL.

liz wrote:Then they will have two trees. LOL.Someone told me they just make sure to get a prickly tree like a cactus so the birds wouldn’t be able to go on it. I agreed this could work but not for all the comfy things like your couch, tv top, etc. that’s where having a bird tree that’s better than the other places still wins.

I love the idea of a bird tree for mine but, to be honest, I would still let them go into the Christmas tree - what the heck, the cats knock all the ornaments of the lower branches anyway so the parrots knocking the ones on the upper branches makes it ‘even’

Myrtle was only 2 when I had my last tree. We used unbreakable ornaments and Myrtle took them off every day.

Oh, yes, I switched to plastic ornaments a long time ago - the glass ones are beautiful but very dangerous with dogs, cats and parrots around…

Truman just loves hanging out on the tree and I literally mean hanging! This is an older video from when he first encountered it that I just posted:

"Hey, cutie!" right back at you, Truman!