How to make her stop?

I don’t know if this is the right place for this topic, but I wasn’t sure where to put it…Jodi does NOT like other people approaching her or touching her! She is happy with myself and my fiancee, but she doesn’t tolerate other people. If they approach her, firstly she growls (it’s the only way I can think of to describe the sound she makes), she will move away if she can, and if they still persist she will then attack their hand or finger…she won’t really bite, but she will take their finger in her beak. She does it with my Mom and the problem is my Mom will be looking after her when we go away on honeymoon next year in May. How do I get her to stop this beahviour and accept other people? I want her to be a friendly, sociable bird, and not a grumpy, unfriendly bird! What do I do? Any advice would be appreciated!

sound like she has one person aggression or in this case 2.look at this artical on how to use positive reenforcement to stop this.viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1528

You can do training to try to improve her socialization, and the article theNZJessie posted is good – it does mean your Mom working hard with her, you can’t just fix it yourself, other people have to be involved. Trying to force her to interact when she is giving clear warnings that she isn’t happy about it is likely to result in a real bite IMO and once she learns that is effective (which it probably would be) things will be even more difficult.If she has a nice big cage, she’d probably survive a honeymoon without coming out, so it isn’t the end of the world even if you can’t “fix” it between now and then.

This will take some other people working with your bird when you’re not around, your honeymoon might be a good time but before then would be better, Jodi thinks that she can get everything she wants from you 2 and dosen’t need to trust anyone else, others need to work with her so she learns other are good and can be trusted. treats are a good place to start, remeber that what ever treats you use should only be given by that other person , you 2 can’t give them to her any more.