How to save birds getting dead by flying into your windows

Recently I’ve moved into a new house before 2 months.Over the last three days, I have seen many birds trying to fly through the window of my room in the first floor,3 of the birds were dead by striking on the windowWhat can I do to make the birds realize something is there, thereby preventing them from flying into the window? I really can’t see this heart breaking situation. I thought of replacing the window glasses and opted a window pattern by the help of a window review site Ontariowindowreviews. Will this be effective. If no please suggest other methods. Please share your suggestions…

A closed curtain would work but not let light in. I have used masking tape to make a big X on windows in the sun room. After that the only bird I had to hit the window was a little Screech Owl who wanted my cockatiels for lunch.

They make static cling decals you can hang on your windows. Some are see through even cause they reflect UV for birds to see.

Michael is correct and here is the link for them: anything that will ‘tell’ the birds that there is a window there will work: a giant X, like Liz suggested, curtains, blinds, suncatchers, regular decals, etc.

BTW, those things can be just as useful for keeping your pet birds from flying into windows as wild ones. With time, the pet ones learn what windows are and even without decals can identify them. The wild ones usually die before they can learn to avoid them in the future.