Hyacinth Macaw?

Have any of you ever had a Hyacinth Macaw as a pet, or know of someone who has? What are they like? I have heard that they make wonderful pets, so just wanted to get some other opinions! What are the prices of them like where you all are? Here in South Africa they are VERY pricey…so if I was to get one I would have to do a lot of investigation before hand as it would be a very large investment!

Hey Tandi, I’ve never had a Hyacinth as a pet but have been around afew, most seem to be great birds and in think you might call them gentle giants. As far as prices go here in the states , there are few pet quality babies around, 10,000/15,000 range, Immature breeders,6,000/10,000, single adults, about the same, supposed breeding pairs,15,000/20,000. As with many of the rarer birds most re being sold as breeders than pets.I do known of a local breeder who just sold 6 to a zoological park in SA and has a contract to sell a few more there, so may be you could get a job there and put one in your back pocket one day and sneak it out the gate. I really don’t known how many of these people get around the CITIES laws but i must have something to do with scientific research, and i know the breeder here does a lot with DNA research to diversify the gene pool. If you really want one the best way around CITIES is to own property in the US and then you could carry one pet home with you if your own country will allow import of a pet. Or you could fly your private jet over here and just carry it home with you as many wealthy oil producers do. PS i forgot to ask, how is Jodi these days ?

Lol…Captwest, you do make me laugh! I work as an ATC, so I’m sure I could get someone here to whisk me off in a private jet to the states just to buy a bird! The prices you mentioned sound expensive…but I am converting into rands which isn’t a fair thing to do!? Would those prices be considered expensive there? We have family friends who used to have 3 breeding pairs, but chose to sell them as they felt that due to their value they were too high risk! Their pairs were valued at R700 000 each (which her in South Africa is a LOT of money), and they told us that you can get babies for R80 000! Ouch…here that is a deposit on a house, or almost the cost of a little car! But then a good friend of mine has friends who breed them and said she could get me one at R12 000, which is a huge difference in price and I just think how can you say no to a price like that? Heehee! I would still have to take out a loan or something to be able to afford it, lol! I would also obviously have the birds checked by a vet, and would have to think about transport as they are not nearby to where I am! It’s something that I’m still in the stages of thinking about, but I am thinking! It is a lot of money to spend, and ideally you would want a pair so that you could breed! But then can you have birds as pets that also breed? I would also first have to start taking my Jodi out to meet new birds and see how she is around other birds as the last think I would want is to make her unhappy by bringing another bird into her home!So for now I am just putting my feelers out and testing the water! I’d love to get more opinions on these beautiful blue/purple birds!

Before i spent the money i would invest in DNA test for both parents and babies, the problem is with such rare and expensive birds is that inbreeding or line breeding (parent/sibling) is common. Good Luck, if your taken with the macaws have you seen the Blue Mutation Yellow Nape Amazons ? I’m trying to work a deal on putting a pair together for breeding, same basic price range. What’s a ATC, air traffic controller ? Sounds like your half way there, your bound to have the contacts. for macaws check out royalbirdcompany.com you can contact mike richards there he’s a great guy if you want to check out some unbelievable amazons check out voren.com howard is the birdest person i know, he also has macaws. PS i just bought 5 ac. in south Fla and i’m building a outside avairy to breed Amazons and Macaws maybe i’ll be the man in a few years!!

Thanks captwest, I will have a look at those sites! And thanks for the advice on the DNA testing and that, if I’m going to spend that much money I will have to take every precaution to make sure I get a healthy bird! There is still a lot of research to do before I make any kind of decision though!I would love to start up a bird breeding programme here at home, we have the space (we are on 25 acres), but it would be the start up costs of aviaries and buying birds to breed with that would be a big expense!Yep, air traffic controller! Unfortunately, I have no contacts for people with big enough private planes to whisk me over the ocean! LolI have not seen that Amazon that you mentioned, but I will have a look! I am also very taken with the Mealy Amazon, as well as the Miltary Macaw! I love the colours on the Military Macaw!

I am also drawn to these birds, but I don’t think I’ll ever own one. Not only are there all the concerns already mentioned, but I am told they will chew right through chain link fences, so I’m not sure what the containment costs would wind up running! They are beautiful, though, and apparently very affectionate.