I became 'that guy'

So. I drove three hours today to go to a locally owned pet store that sells bulk cuttlebone for my gcc. I went in and said hi to the lori which the owner keeps as a window-pet. I’ve been shopping here for years now and have spent a few hours with the bird which isn’t for sale. On my way to the checkout I noticed a IRN caged with a Sun Conure both preening each other and generally being all buddy-buddy. Then I saw the sign which said IRN/Sun Conure $700 USD each. Hatch date RandomMonth/ 2008. So I asked if they have been caged together since 2008 and the clerk told me “they have been bonded for a few years”. She asked if I wanted to buy one or sell me both for a deal if I talked to the owner.I told her no and that she shouldn’t sell them individually and she told me that “they are not really bonded”. I told her she was asking for rehomes and broken birds by bonding two of the loudest medium sized hook-bills. She seemed a little defensive and agitated so I responded by saying that I was going to come home and type this. Wished her a happy holiday season and left.Am I incorrect to be a little upset about this.

Yes -you are one of us. Assert yourself for the good of those who can’t.

Good for you! Those poor birds. I had a similar experience recently and I’m working to get those birds out and into a good home. A bonded pair being kept in dirty conditions and being sold separately…so sad. We need more people like you, people who care.