I did not like this video at all

I was just watching things about birds on youtube , autoplay, when this came on…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCsg_e7y0fcI hope no one watching actually does this !

I must say that is probably the worst home made harness that I have ever seen as well as possibly the most dangerous.

I was cringing watching this, eech. The way he looped it around her head… chocking hazard!

Very bad harness , and the way he manhandled the bird to get it on,yikes

And this is the reason why people should need training and pass an exam before they get a license to own a bird! Too many idiots out there thinking they know what they are doing!

Awful, Saidy did Not look "thrilled".

Poor bird I had to comment on that video.I too do not like the way the bird was handled.