I Feel Like It's Time to Expand My Bird Family

I’ve been wanting to adopt another bird for a while now, perhaps another bird other than a Budgie. I don’t know, I’ve been attracted to Amazon Parrots, Quakers, Eclectus Parrots, and Lorkieets. I’ve read a lot about each of these birds, but I was just wondering if anyone with any of these birds could tell me what it’s like living with one? I know those birds are nothing alike, but I’ve been attracted to them, especially the Amazon and Eclectus. So any help is appreciated!P.S. I will continue to research each of these birds for more information!

WOW be careful what you wish for with an Amazon. Mine are loving kids equal to a 5 year old and a 2 year old. BUT when they get wound up they can be heard on the other side of the neighborhood. When they argue no one but me can tolerate it. They do not throw the cute little tantrums like you see Cockatoos do. They go all out.The bigger the bird the bigger the beak. Budgies will chew up anything you give them. Amazons find their own things to chew up and they usually belong to me. They firmly agree with the phrase “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine”.I have been lucky that they love me enough to have mercy when they get upset with me. Mine will chomp to get their point across and only leave a dent in my fingers. When they are scared they react like kids and don’t think. They have brought blood a few times when I tried to get them out of a situation they got into. These are not even real bites. They grab me for leverage to try to pull themselves out even though I am their to help. Big birds have big beaks.I have two females and am told that males are much worse.If I had chosen a bird it would not have been an Amazon. Yes, I love them and they love me is why I am still sane. I will not part from them and even have them in my will so they won’t go to someone who does not understand them.My Cockatiels are pure joy. They came to me from many directions all in about a year. I started with just a pair and rescued others who needed me. Not all of them trust me and I have a few who should not ever trusted a human again. Most of them do not want touched but I was surprised when they would touch me without fear. They are wonderful little babies and two of them even talk a little.If I had chosen the species of bird it would be two of the little hoppy ones. I can’t remember the name but there are quite a few times that I do not remember mine. I am sure that the next person to post will know the name.Anyway that is my 2 cents.

Didnt you recently say in a post that your family wanted your budgies to live in an outside aviary because they were too loud? Well parrots are considerably louder than budgies so based on that fact alone i would think very carefully before bringing one into your home.I’m assuming you are quite young so i would say focus on the budgies for now and using the money you were going to spend on the parrot use it on the budgies setup and just concentrate on improving things for them if possible.Sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear.

Well I cant really tell you anything bad about Amazons because mine is only a baby and I’ve heard from a few people that their babies started getting nippy and biting but still Oscar is so sweet going 10 months, He does throw tantrums to get me up in the morning to feed him and does his normal regular screaming in the afternoon but I can change his mind to talk instead sometimes.They also love to sit at the table when your eating and we do everything together, Amazons are great for giving warning signs and they do go through breeding season different from other Parrots.

Hmmm, well, I do agree with Steve that you seem to be a bit too young for larger species AND that they do make MUCH more and louder vocalizations that budgies so if your parents complain about the budgies, an amazon or an ekkie will drive them crazy. Budgies chatter continuously but it’s soft in terms of volume while the larger species SCREAM (LOUD!!!).But leaving that aside, you chose three very difficult species. Amazons are prone to fatty liver disease so you need to be very careful what you feed them AND they can be very loud AND very aggressive.I would not recommend an ekkie to ANYBODY! They are highly hormonal birds and this translates into aggression that is very difficult to avoid because they don’t warn you at all; their diet is super duper complicated (main reason why I don’t have any) and they hardly ever get along with any other bird (the only bird that killed another bird in my birdroom was an ekkie and she did not bat an eyelash when she did). I know this lady who took in two babies (brothers), she raised them together and they hate each other screaming their hearts out all the time.Lorikeets are beautiful birds but, again, VERY difficult to feed and incredibly messy (they projectile poop and their poop is almost all liquid!).What I would recommend is for you to get a large flight cage and more budgies (make it an even number of males and females and, if your parents allow you, get 3 of each so you end up with three pairs, a small and manageable but very nice little flock) and to improve your husbandry skills with them before you tackle a more difficult species.

Liz, thank you for the information on the Amazons! They do sound like great, but challenging birds!Stevesjk, yeah, I totally forgot about that, though! Thank you for the reminder! ParrotsForLife, your Oscar sounds great! I’ve seen a video of him at the park, he’s adorable! Pajarita, thank you, I will really consider adding more Budgies into my home!Thank you all for your answers! I will really be considering adding more Budgies into my home, and I guess I will hold off on the bigger, more challenging birds for now! Thanks!

Budgies have all the good things of a parrot. They are just in smaller packages.

admissionq12 wrote:I’m assuming you are quite young so i would say focus on the budgies for now and using the money you were going to spend on the parrot use it on the budgies setup and just concentrate on improving things for them if possible.I hope your not referring to Budgies as “Starter birds” …Christ University Institute of Management Bangalorejain university bangalorePES University BangaloreReva University Bangalore


No i certainly was not brandon

liz wrote:Budgies have all the good things of a parrot. They are just in smaller packages.You have two tiny parrots but they are parrots just the same. I asked if your talked because a budgie holds the worlds record for words. Yours may be talking and your just not listening close enough. Little birds have little voices. Search Budgie talking on YouTube. You will be amazed at what they can do with more one on one time.