I recently found out about a type of parrot called the red rumped parrot… There are Lutinos with grey wings, rubinos with orange bodies, red wings and red topped heads, and blues with white bellies! We have finally found Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres!

I have NO idea what you are talking about! Are they characters in some kind of fictional or mythical story?

In Pokemon, the Kanto Region, the first one, has 3 legendary birds. These are also the mascots of the 3 Pokemon Go teams. These birds look just like them.

This post made my day. Mind linking pictures of the Pokemon and the respective parrots? That way everyone can understand what you’re talking about.


Sorry, the Zapdos one didn’t come out right.

That is so cool! I also at first did not get what you meant, but based of the wierd pokemon sounding names and because pokemon is on my mind because on the new app-(which I really want to get Ive never played pokemon) I had geussed. Thankyou for sharing! I wonder if the pokemons are based of these actual birds or if its a reaally cool coincidence.

That. Bird cage needs a good scrub.

Those are not her birds, Birdwoman. I am thinking she took pix off the internet.

Yeah, I just found them on google images. Although tomorrow I’m getting a third budgie- an albino with a brown eyepatch parking.