I let my career parrot in the morning she forgott pellets!

She said shes fine when i was eating breakfast shes been fed, i thought thats ok that would explain why shes quiet. The career that i have sees me feed her everyday so i thought its ok she will now how to prepare pellets shes seen me do it before numerous times.what i did not know was that shed only given her frozen vegtables so that when i fed her more vetablles later in the day she acted strangly and i quickly realised she was ravenous hungry and gave her some pellets.it felt really bad because shes molting at the moment so needs the extra energy not less i e only vegtables.she was still fed a full diet but diferent to her normal ruotine. ill have to make sure this does niot happen again she had fresh water so the issue was only with her food.unintentional food manigment is not good

Aw bless at least you realised.This is why I don’t trust anyone with my birds really, there are a couple of people who help me out if I go away for the weekend but they get very specific instructions, I show them what to do and then I write it down and leave them the note.

i really thought she’d given her both foods as she knows i do in seperate bowls each day but she didn’t, this especally bad because her mother has a hans Mc Caw and maybe she does not know how he should be feed ether. Its abit worrying i have tried to get her interested in parrots for her mothers Mc Caws sake but she is really only into dogs.its anoying that sometimes the careers doing do things as i’d like wth the birds i usally give them instuctions but that morning she fed my parrot without asking me.i’ll stop panicking now yes i agree wrien instructions are the way forward.

No matter how well you know the person you can’t really trust them with your birds. On the weekends I help out with aviary jobs and I’d never to forget to feed the pellets

Pricey_boy wrote:No matter how well you know the person you can’t really trust them with your birds. On the weekends I help out with aviary jobs and I’d never to forget to feed the pelletsYou only trust yourself? How do you know one day you wont make a mistake? I never ever forget to shut the windows but one day I might, hence why I’m looking at improving security where I live.

Ahhh! I feel your pain. I haven’t had to leave my lovebird with anyone yet, but just the thought makes me sick. I don’t trust any of my family members or friends to know how to handle or take care of him aside from my husband. I’m sure that whoever I leave him with will be intimidated by the fact that he can bit and just leave him in his cage all day or worse, they’ll feed or give him something toxic!But with that aside, he will be OK without his pellets. He’ll be a bit hungrier next feeding time, but all in all he’ll be okay. This slight change in his routine will hopefully only happen once, and I’m sure that your career has learned her lesson.

thanks for the support with this, unfortunately because of my disability i have to rely onothers help sometimes but i will just need to be extra vigilent to antispate any problems before they happen.although i apriciate what pricyboy was trying to say about if you want something done properly you should do it yourself if possible.Although i think everyone makes mistakes from time to time even me. i did give her pellets just later in the day.