I may be getting a Timneh

There is a woman who is rehoming her Timneh and I may be able to get her. She is asking very little for the bird and I have hinted to my husband that I really, really, really still want a Grey someday. He has said in the past that he regrets our previous decision regarding the Grey and that one day I would get my Grey Parrot. Looks like that day might be sooner than I thought. It’s not a sure thing, just a possibility that I’m pretty excited about. I think rehoming is appealing to me partly because of what happened with the other Grey. It’s like I can sort of make up for it. I did always want a Grey that I hand raised myself but this Timneh really needs a home and with patience I can build the same type of relationship with her as I would with a baby I raised myself.

oooo, pretty exciting! Let us know how things develop. Rupert all healed up?

Rupert is doing great!

that’s great. It’s good to know he was able to recover so quickly from such a scary incident.

Please tell me this one comes with a name

Haha! Well… she does have a name but I don’t like it so I would have to rename her… and so it begins. Her name now is Tara.

How old is she? What’s her story? I’m terribly curious!

She is somewhere between 18 months and 2 years old. She is from a very well respected breeder in Dallas. The aviary is called Wendy’s Parrots. She was originally sold as a baby to a family… she was meant to be a pet for a 13 year old girl. The girl did not take care of her or became allergic (not really sure what the real reason was) and her dad brought the bird back. She was with the breeder for a couple of months and then went home with the woman who has her now. She’s had her for only a few months but is in nursing school and her husband just got a job involving lots of travel so they don’t feel they can give her the time she needs. I did email the breeder just to see what she thought of the bird and she told me she was the sweetest Grey baby she ever raised. She called her Hugs. I don’t imagine she’d lie since she does not stand to make anything from my adopting the bird. She’s apparently still very sweet and just learning to talk. The woman really does seem to care for her and is doing what she can to make sure the bird gets to a good home. The rehoming fee is reasonable. It sounds like this bird just needs a steady, permanent home and she needs it before her she begins to become either cage bound or wary of humans from being either neglected or passed around too much.

That’s great =DShe is so cute, so have any names picked out yet?

Tara is a cute name already! she is sooo cute!!