I need help, I dont know what to do

Hello, I own a 5 months old sun conure. However, I have som problems with her.

First of all, sorry for my bad english, I am not from an english speaking country :slight_smile:

  1. She has successfully learnt the step-up / so she does it with no problem even without command. But when I try to pet her or anything related with touching her, she is biting. Really hard. I am a bit confused because when I get her off the cage, she seems excited and has no problems climbing my hand or with step-up as I said before. Any ideas how can I stop the biting?

  2. When we got her home (a month ago) she seemed ok but from the day after I noticed that she flaps her wings. Not the way like she wanted to fly, but different. She always flaps just one of her wings, probably like every 2 seconds, sometimes more often, sometimes she doesnt do it for half an hour. She mostly flaps just her left wing, but its like 3 times left wing and 1 time right wing. So in a ratio 3:1. I have no idea what that means.

  3. She sometimes has thrusts. I will try my best to explain that. So for example she is out of the cage, I play with her and suddenly she does a movement with her head similar to when you step on a dogs tail. That kind of short wiggle with her head, it looks like something has hurt her pretty bad, but I never hurt her on anything. She does that with an open beak, however she doesnt make any sound. And then she starts being really aggressive. She is fast, and bites everything. My fingers, ears, hands, everything as hard as she can. I also have no idea how to stop that, but I have a feeling that it is related to the problem one.


My Conure does this to my dad. One second he cuddly, then he sees my dads hand and he thrusts forward and attacks it. I think that it is mostly your bird stretching her wings, hesitating to fly etc. In terms of the biting there are many things people suggest. The thing about conures is that they are annoyingly smart sometimes, what he could be doing is testing you to see where he stands in the social order. Can he ruthlessly bully you and bite you for attention or are you going to be the boss? The thing that stopped mine biting me for the most part was grabing his beak, using the drop method where you drop your hand with him on it, leaving the room and just give him cuddles and scratches which eventually subdue him.

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