I planted chilli seeds from the dried chilies

i dont know if they will grow or not its abit cold but hopefully ill have a extra big supply of chlies for my bird so far ony one of my chilly plants has spouted i think i have 3 kinds or maybe two in pots on the windowsill my indian ringneck loves chilli so this year i thought id get prepared

Funny that, most parrots seem to love chillis and the like- the hotter the better. None of mine will touch anything hot though? lol.

after doing that my friend said that i should buy seprate seeds ands sprout them to get chilli plants because the plants can mutate i have one slightly funny looking chilli plant but i am going to carry on growing it to see what happens.Not all birds like chillies i know but my irn eats and will try apart from frozen carrots but i think chillies would be in her natural diet so i am including them