I received something happy today :)

I think my relatives overseas realized how upset I was over the loss of my two birds, because today, without no explanation or any words at all, my cousin sent me two pictures of me with one of my ringnecks when I was a toddler! These pictures made me smile like a complete idiot for about half an hour straight and I’m still smiling every now and then. I have no memory of these birds, but as the story goes, my Dad took me to the parrot vendor to get a ringneck and I chose the ugliest, most featherless one. My mom glared at him when we came home, but he just shrugged and told her I was the one who picked it. My grandmother taught them to call my cousin’s name for their food whenever it would run out. They would also call my name. There are questions that keep nagging at me. Did I care well for these birds? Were they happy? I can’t remember if they were clipped, but the IRN’s tail’s position in the picture where i’m standing is bothering me. I know there’s a lot of difference in the bird information my parents had access to 20 years ago and what we have now, and I was 3 years old or less so it’s not like it was my responsibility, but I hope from the bottom of my heart that these birds were content at least.

In the picture of you standing with the bird on you the position of the tail suggests that the bird is moving its center of balance and weight to be closer to your body to make it easier to hang their. It looks pretty much normal to me. It does not appear to me that the bird is unduly stressed in these pictures. I am glad that they had these pictures to help brighten your day and thank you for sharing them with us.

Awwwww and what a cutie you were! The bird is obviously a juvenile and, it’s like Wolf said, he was just hanging on to you for dear life