I require help from a techie head/ nerd!

While I’m an ABSOLUTE nerd with computers and anything related, I absolutely suck with smart phones. I was pondering if some, wonderful brainiac bird lover could possibly offer me some advice on how to improve the quality of the photos I take with my camera? My phone is a Nexus 5 - I realize it isn’t the latest model at this point but it honestly works like a buttered wonder and has been thus far really awesome. (everything works, apps, games, battery you name it.) However the photo quality is generally bad, and while I know the camera is ingrained into it, I realize it may be hard to come across temporary fixes (unless of course I dish out some moolah and get a new one >_> but this one frankly works so awesomely that I’m really reluctant to do that!) So if anyone has any tips or apps to recommend to improve the photo quality at least just a little bit, I’d be EVER so grateful!My gorgeous little Simo the Ringneck has vibrant, eye searingly green plumage and the photos I take with this camera REALLY don’t do him justice and it makes me a little sad! If any technie heads / nerds /app maestros could give me a hand (or a talon!) I’d GREATLY appreciate it!!!

Hi Viatrixa,I absolutely stink with this stuff, (I have an Ipad mini). I find that to get a good focus, touch where you want the focus to be most, also my fav editing app is Picsart, it works really well.Best of luck and hope this helps

No luck with me, either! I have an old-fashioned cell phone (I don’t even text) and hardly ever remember to turn it on (my entire family despairs of me!)