I somehow managed to say no to another bird

Well, today is bittersweet. My two rescued parrotlets that I was planning on finding a new home left about 5 minutes ago with their new owner, Marc. They’re semi-tame, and he has other parrotlets that they can be with, and they won’t be split up. I met this guy because I adopted a lovebird from him (Mango, our newest, a seagreen australian cinnamon) and we happened to talk about what other birds he had and how I was looking to rehome these rescues. Well, he offered to trade me and give me a very young parrotlet who is tame. He even brought him along to pick up my guys. Well, I went back and forth, and he even left, but I told him to come back and I’m glad I did. I just had an uneasy feeling, and come to find out he had no intention of rehoming this little parrotlet and his daughter was quite sad. So I said for him to please take him home. It was hard to turn down such cuteness. I know all three of them will be very loved, and now there is more space for the other birds who might really really need me to be their home.I was up half the night thinking about this guy, especially since I got an email yesterday about a special-needs cockatiel who needs a forever home. I’m glad I did what i did, even though I have to convince my heart that it is okay. I’m going to miss the little buggers.

That’s why I don’t think I’ll ever foster. I’d either get attached or get too detached, I think. Such good news that they have a good home, though!

It’s very hard to say no. I was just saying to someone else that sometimes “no” is for the best. You can’t save them all. You can only do right with the birds you have and do your best to be that forever home.Unfortunately, over the years I have gotten more detached. I’ve developed the attitude that I don’t want to take in the problems other people created. What really did it for me was taking in an M2 years ago that mutilated. Talk about heartbreaking. He’d be ASLEEP and trying to bite himself bloody. He had a hole in his chest the size of a tennis ball. Someone had bought him for their teenage daughter and then for whatever reason ended up locking him in his cage for years.

Wow Roz. That sounds heartbreaking. My too plucks and I have yt to figure out the cause/how to stop it. He does it when he IS getting attention, so sometimes I wonder if it becuse of excitement.This was a baby parrotlet, so thankfully I came to my senses and thought about how I would much rather be a home for rescues. I also have to think about the number of birds I can realistically care for by myself, potentially with a job, and eventually children.Even now I am realizing just how much work it really is with a cockatoo who is a rescue that you don’t truly know the entire history. I love Baby so much but he I’ll certainly (watch me eat my words later!) be my only cockatoo. So far the noise level is just about as much as I can handle with him in the living room. ideally, he will be moved into a bedroom so it doesn’t echo so much. Off topic, but whatever. I can understand becoming detached.