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Abby.After the loss of my schapendoes last october I didnt want another dog. It took about a month to get over the fact that he just wasnt there anymore. It took another to realise that it wasn’t just Daan I was missing, but I was missing the concept of ‘my dog’. I came across an add for puppydogs, and it was absolutely clear. I needed a new dog.We were quick to decide what breed we wanted. Something clever, quick and energetic so I can go back to agility. But at the same time we want a velcro-dog. One that you can sit on the couch with and relax after a long day. We decided on a border collie. It didnt take long for us to find a breeder we were very comfortable with (thank god) and we put ourselves on the list for the litter that was due december 31.It was a close call. the mother gave birth to 9 puppies, and we were all glued to the webcam from 9 pm to 2 am. We were 3rd on the list for a female, but there were only 2 girls born. We went to bed very dissapointed, the next morning however we got the call that we made the cut! One of the people on the list in front of us decided they wanted a boy after all. After that we had to wait 2 weeks till the people who had first choice actually made the choice. But last saturday the decided. And with that, we knew that this precious little merle is going to be our Abby.

Too cute Kim . Way to go.

One of my favorite breeds of dog. It only comes in second to the Australian Shepherd. Congrats!My parents are thinking about getting another dog, a yorkshire terrier. I’d love to have one. They make the best family pets for an active family.

Way too cute! I’m not sure I’d have the energy to keep up with one, I think they only cuddle after you wear them out, but I have a friend that is into Agility and I’ve watched some competitions – they are really good at it!

She’s gorgeous ! Please post some new pics as she grows…

sidech wrote:She’s gorgeous ! Please post some new pics as she grows…Speaking of posting pics, I think we need to see some new pictures of Jazz in his new home!

zazanomore wrote:sidech wrote:She’s gorgeous ! Please post some new pics as she grows…Speaking of posting pics, I think we need to see some new pictures of Jazz in his new home!Ok, I’ll do that this week-end !

oh SO cute!! good for you

Very cute! It’s really difficult to make the decision to get a new pet after a loved one passes. I’m glad you were able to find a new pup to welcome into your family It’s too bad you’re not close to me, my foster dog sounds perfect for you! He’s a Cattle Dog and Pointer cross. He has tons of energy and is ready to do anything you ask him to but at the end of the day he wants nothing more than to lay on the couch beside you. He’s great with birds too

Thanks Mandy. If we were living a bit closer that might have been an option! Hopefully you will find a loving home for him soon. Today we went to visit the breeder. All the pups are walking and looking like real dogs more and more every day, haha. We got another lovely surprise today. All puppies are born with blue eyes. Mostof them will turn brown before they are 8 weeks old. The breeder told us Abby will most likely be keeping her blue eyes!And me and Abby: