GUESS WHAT!!! Our beautiful baby IRN decided that easter is a good time to moult. (actually do you spell it molt or moult?) What perfect timing XD We plan on making some pretty decorations out of his tail feathers. Does anyone have any cute suggestions? Also, is easter grass safe for birds to nibble on? All it is, is just grass seeds that you plant. They grow and that’s it. It’s a Finnish thing - we like to grow tiny patches of easter grass. I’d love to hear some cute birdy easter things & decor!

Yay!!! Itbis so exciting to find the tail feathers I think! (Easter feather hunt ) I just collect all the feathers and put them in a little box… I am a bit crazy about collecting feathers hehe.I have seen polymer clay pet potrait statues (Omygosh they are so awesome) and people actually make them realistic by putting in their pets feathers (may need to cut them down to resize though ) I have been collecting all Tillys feathers in hopes to oneday have enouth to do this (haha, I doubt mine would look at all real though) I dont know how they do it though, because I can imagine the feathers would burn in the oven… … -435382780 … -430832556I dont understand how they can make it look so real.

I save the colorful feathers with the idea of making them into hair decorations with clips and stuff.I have not tried it yet since I don’t go anywhere that I need to dress up.

That is a really cool idea Liz!