If you need a smile

I hope this is ok to post…I hope this link works, I have a hard time with this kind of stuff.this makes me smile EVERY time I view it, its very very shorthttp://tinyurl.com/ngdaee7

O.M.G. How cute is THAT?! He was dancing and singing to the bird in the mirror - what a cutie! The singing reminds me of Mami’s. She loves to sing, only she just goes Tra la la - la la la… But it’s soooo cute my almost 6 years old grandson sits right outside the birdroom (I don’t let him in) just to hear her.

Too funny.I think she knows who is in the mirror and is admiring herself. I had a friend like that when I was growing up.

That is just too cool !!

Yep that is One very happy little guy. I can picture the owner being a pre-teen girl dancing in front of a mirror with him. I think I even hear him say french fry… I have watched this so many times I can hum it

I also thoroughly enjoy this little guy. I love how each time it says ‘peek-a-boo’, its wings open just a little in sort of a ‘yay!’ gesture. http://hoiist.tumblr.com/post/125729837924/fun-sized-owl-thebestoftumbling-cockatoo

That is adorable.It is a shame that I don’t have videos of Myrtle singing La La La. I had always started he with the little tune then she took over. She sings the La La La high and low and even switches in the middle. When she was learning, I would do it and she would follow. Now she starts it and wants me to follow her lead. She twists it around trying to trip me up.