If you were a parrot

for the day, how would you spend it? If you could choose what species what would you be and why?First things first I would make sure my two are happy and see how I could improve things for them (I’ve a feeling they would both say something about getting an unlimited amount of sunflower seeds though). Then I think I would see how it really feels to fly and probably end up very very lost lol.Not sure what species I would be, probably one of the bigger species.

I’d be a Hyacinth Macaw, though that’s probably my Napoleon complex kicking in.

I would tell Stitch to be nice, and Leroy to relax more ^^, and then fly around the house with them!Seeing Stitch is quite an a determined parrot, I would want to be bigger than him, probably a yellowfronted amazon or something similar !

I’d get a big kick out of training. Training the owner that is

I think I’d like to be a Glaucous macaw, they are (were) very beautiful, and I love macaws, especially seeing endangered ones, I kinda feel sorry for them.