I'm a Parrot Rescue Volunteer now ^_^

I just wanted to share that I went through the whole process (class, phone interview, and home visit) at Mickaboo (our local parrot rescue agency http://mickaboo.com/) and now I can volunteer! I’m rather excited to meet parrot people and help parrots find suitable, responsible homes. Maybe when I live in a different place I can help foster too, but right now that is off the table. I’m helping set up a parrot toy-making social which helps raise a bit of funds. Once I get some additional training I will do phone interviews and home visits. Also Nika has been a good girl lately. I brought her to my parent’s (as I always do when I visit) for the long weekend and she was quite content having so many people around. She wasn’t too cranky to me either. Honestly she loves having people around, attention, and treats, just maybe not actual physical contact. Silly girl. She better get used to my folks/brother because she’s going to live there for a week. :]


Congratulations!I have gone through all my classes as well. More for the information than to adopt or foster a parrot. Sometime in the future I would like to foster a bird but for now Chico is getting all my attention.

Im so excited for you!!! You will learn so much.I wish we had that where we lived

Mickaboo is so awesome! Please post when the toy making social is happening- would love to attend!

This Saturday actually in walnut creek. I’ll pm you.

Brilliant I really wish I could, downside being I would want to bring them all home…Your going to get so much experience working there. Keep us updated with them, I’m sure you will have some good (and some sad) stories to tell.

That is too cool, Eury! You’re doing a lot of good for our feathered friends in need. I wish I could do it with you. I checked Google and there’s something similar in P-town, so you’re inspiring me to help, too. Please keep us updated on the happenings. I have a feeling you might fall in love with other birds and bring them home

GreenWing wrote:I wish I could do it with you. That would be fun! You should totally look around and see what you have up there. I’m hoping to meet some friendly parrot people in the real world too. :slight_smile: Yeah I could see falling in love with another parrot. I’ll have to be careful!