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Hello everyone, iv been keeping an eye on things here but just havent ad the time to write. so little bird and eye are back, and feeling a little more knowledgeable. so heres little birds news:Iv been told little bird is a girl, but shes close to her first molt now so wel know for sure soon. She has little pin feather scattered around her head and neck but hasnt loast much yet. shes so cute a very funny. hasnt learned any words or whistles but iv not been focusing on that. shes got step up, and puts a ring in a cup…but shes now bored with them and so im trying to find new trick and new treat to inspire fun.but while im here i thought id ask about one thing im wondering about. Little bird doenst seem very steady on her feet, her balance is poor nd falls alot. she struggles with climbing sometimes. I think it must be because she was too young when he clipped her…or else he did it badly, i know nothing about clipping…so im going to leave her wings grow out and let her fly, but im thinking all the slipping and falling must be affecting her confidence. so does anyone know how to help her develop her confidence again and to show she can fly? also is there anything i can do to speed along her molt…such as a certain food that helps (other then saying veggies in general) iv seen a tonic in a shop but im not sure it actually helpsany ways little birds very happy and very sweet and playful, and her mommy couldnt be happier with her and hopes she feels the same THANKS TO THOSE WHO HAVE HELPED PREVIOIUSLY

Kale leaves are great for when your cockatiel is molting. They are nutritious and help the feathers to grow out quickly. Don’t feed kale to often, as it has a high water level and will make your cockatiels dropping very watery. Ladu is molting now, and I feed him kale every week. One way to get them to try it (if little bird hasn’t already) is to simply hang it up in the cage, the cockatiel should bite it out of curiosity and hopefully try some. Also, when your bird molts, they will appreciate a regular misting bath (spraying them with a bottle) as it helps take the keratin (cockatiel dust) off the feathers and the cockatiel will feel better (becase there is not a lot of dust on the feathers and they won’t need to preen as much). I spray ladu every few days.Hope this helps and keep us posted!

never even heard of kale leaves…ill google it and hope its available herethanks for the help my little grl gets a little mist nearly every day anyways and a big mist twice a week, i dnt think it would b fair on her to do i more often thanks again

Ok. If there is tesco where you live, then you can get kale from there.

I love your avatar. Very creative with the perspective.

i found it in lidl today and she seems to like picking at it…so thats a very good start, ususally she wont eat anything unless i chop it to seed sizethanks for letting me know

my avatar? haha thanks…it was done with an iphone and wasnt really done purposely, it was just a coincidence

Its great that she tried it, Ladu tried it first time too and he was a bit hesitant like little bird but now he adores it!

she loves it now is always nibbling on it and even plays with it too haha so cute tnx