I'm having trouble finding a qualified avian vet

I’ve checked the official avian veterinarian website but the only ones within a reasonable distance a work at zoo’s. I’m in zephyrhills fl and I was thinking about north bay vet in Tampa. Is that a good vet? Does anyone have any experience with them? I just want the best care possible for my new green cheek.

Well, I live in NC, but have asked about a vet for you on another forum that I frequent. I do, however wonder why you are excluding a vet just because they work for a zoo? They sometimes still take privately owned birds as patients, but you won’t know if you don’t ask them. Since the closest avian vet to me is 2 hours one way from my house, I know that I would be calling them to find out. Another thing to consider is that some of the better avian vets aren’t listed as such, many of them are listed as exotic animal vets.I will get back to you with any answer I get on the other forum as soon as I can and in the mean time I hope that this will give you another option or two, to help you and your bird.

Wolf wrote:I do, however wonder why you are excluding a vet just because they work for a zoo?Since they work at a zoo I assumed that they only saw zoo animals. I’ll call and find out, I just want a good, qualified vet for my bird. Thanks!

I don’t know but I am being told that you might want to check this one out if they are within your range.http://bluepearlvet.com/teresa-lightfoot/Let me know what you decide I will give you more as I learn of them.


I volunteered at the wildlife rehab of the NC zoo. Each group of critters had it’s own vet. I worked with birds and reptile and know that this guy really knew his stuff. He even patched up a Cardinal that was attacked by another bird. I did not believe she could be saved and I would have put her down (to save her the pain). He performed surgery on her and she got her miracle. She returned to being herself once healed.Zoo vets are really good. This vet was an Exotic Animal Vet. I am new to Florida and I contacted the biggest Parrot Rescue to ask advice on a vet.

Don’t get hung-up on a certified avian vet. The best avian vet I’ve ever had was not certified and neither is the one I am seeing now -and she is also pretty good! And I took a sick bird to the best avian vet in the area (back when I lived in Pa), a professor of PennU, and he misdiagnosed my bird, kept on telling me there was nothing wrong with it, that all the bloodwork was normal and the bird died. So, certification is not everything… Besides, the thing with the certification is that they need to work for 6 years under a certified avian vet just to be able to take the exam but there are lots of vets that, for one reason or another, couldn’t work 6 consecutive years for the same vet. But that doesn’t mean they don’t know what they are doing. Look around for vets that treat exotics and try one - with vets is the same as with doctors, is not only their knowledge but also their bedside manner that is important.