I'm tired dealing with parrot diseases

hello, i just need your opinions, diseases , viruses e.t.c. come and go but the last year i feel so tired psychologically. While i was away last June a female tiel of mine Salome, died… i saved the other with the vet although it was a difficult situation and i was feeling ok. Since July i deal with every kind of bacteria or accident or anything although there’s nothing i could do more… i try so hard, we have two vets both of them are surprised that i care for them so much… But although we manage to get over the difficulties we encounter i am so afraid about what the future holds… Now i have two male tiels sick, one with chlamydia (but he sings and dances all day) and one with various problems with droppings.I’m so afraid if anything happens and i do the wrong thing, or worse if i won’t be able to do anything since our vets live at least three hours and 5 hours away.At times i feel so hopeless… and i dont feel well calling the vets all day, every time i see something strange,i’m acting like a parrot freak sometimes… but these birds are my family …i cannot take so much anxiety about the future…

Clamydia is contagious to all your other birds.My Macaw had this and was not diagnosed with what it was until she was at deaths door .My 2 vets were treating her with baytril which wont touch it.I finally found a vet whose treating her and shes getting better.Shes on doxycyclyn[thank god].We put my other birds on a 2months of getting this too[as a precautionary]They need to be on this at least 2 months or it wont wipe it out.What are you treating your birds with?

oxytetraciclin (terramycin) for 20 days and isolation for 2 months at least. i Have only one sick bird he never came in contact with others, he was in quaranteen all this time. I took him to two vets, our vet told me he has chlamydia and one other vet told is just calcium deficiency. One bird came in contact with him and taking medication for 10 days. It’s so difficult to find a good vet and then again the risk about who to listen is up to you and for me this is the toughest part.I’m sorry you have to get through this but keep in mind that you are not alone! I wish and hope that everything will be OK.

If your medicine is not working tell them you need a 2 month supply of doxycycline.

May i ask you how i see that this is working? i searched the web and saw that for chlamydia there are two basic medications doxycicline and oxytetracicline (something like that) but i will keep it in mind and tell it to the vet. But the tiel doesn’t have serious symptoms, so how i will see the difference? The vet told me that i may won’t. From droppings only? Tremors of the head when he is upset will not get better the vet said.

clymedia attaches itself to an organ. signs weight loss even when eating,different stool color ,fluffed appearence,blood levels not right .Like white blood and red blood will get weak ,not active.This is serious,do not untreat