Image file size?

what can i do you make a avatar small enough file size to use on the forum? only way im able to do it is through youtube but thats horrible quality, the smallest i am able to get a picture manually is 22kb, is there a particular website i can use?iv tried photobucket, tinypic and piknik

I use youtube for my avatar too.If I try to use paint, then the picture ends up being too blurry and small.

Photoshop is really the only way to blend size vs mb to get it to look good yet small. Just post the normal image here and I’ll do it for you. That’s what I end up having to do all the time anyway.It may seem annoying but it helps the forum load quicker all the other times you use it. If everyone had a huge avatar and huge signature you’d just sit there waiting for all those to load just to read a post when they really aren’t even necessary.

Change the file extention to make it smaller, I believe .GIF is the smallest, if your "avatar picture" is from a camera chances are its a .raw or a .png file. PNG is huge, so try changing it to .jpeg or .gif

i have already resized it i just need it as a smaller file, i tried changing the file type

thanks for that, what version of photoshop do you use?

On a mac, preview works pretty well. You can use the consumer level Photoshop, too. I’ve used full-up photoshop at work, but at home I have Elements and it has virtually all of the functionality that I actually use.

im a student im wayyy to poor for a mac =p i ahve had my laptop since april 09, works like a charm

I’ve tried every method of compression with Photoshop I know of, how do you do it Michael ?Just tell me what filetype and resolution and I fix it myself, but I cant figure out how to get it small enough…smallest Ive managed is 16kb. 6kb is really a low target is it not? I understand why, but maybe it should be a little bit higher ^^.