Image for signature?

Does anybody know how to use an image for a signature? I want to do this and have a picture ready but cant copy&paste it on and there is not an image option. I have seen someone with an image for a signature but just cant figure out how to do it. Its not that important, but I wanted to use this as a signature.

I have no idea of how this is done or even if this forum format would support what you want to do. I do see on some forums that the images that are used as a signature are sometimes uploaded as an attachment just like you just did.

Copy and paste this to the signature editor and you should be good to go: Code: Select all[img][/img]

Thankyou mrbowlerhat, I have just given that a try and it says it cannot detect image size?? And I just relized I cannot paste images on the forum. Sorry I am slow when it comes to technology . What do I do from here? Yours is adorable by the way!

The thing that you need to do is reduce the size proportionately of the longest side of the picture to 640 pixels. I use the Windows Live Photo gallery for doing this.

Thankyou Wolf, ill give it a try